1010 in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany


1010 is a Polish street artist based in Hamburg, internationally known for his abstract paintings marked by captivating holes on the walls. His identity is unknown but his tremendous 3D artworks adorn a lot of cities around the world. 1010 started to explore the possibilities of the fantasy to reach the abstraction that becomes his powerful form of expression. Playing with lights and shadows and majestically using combinations of colours, 1010 creates optical illusions which attract the viewer inside his universe. He breaks through the surface opening to another dimension, involving us into the reflection on the space-time aspect. Taking inspiration from the place where he works, 1010 makes a sketch to choose the forms and colours that fit perfectly with the surroundings. He begins from the center using a darker colour to widen, layer by layer made with lighter hues, reaching the external outline of the shape. Using the shades, he is able to give depth to the flat surface of the wall, creating the effect of a real portal to a parallel reality.

In Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, 1010 realises an enormous piece of art working on the roof of the stadium, on a surface of about 49,500 ft creating, in this way, the biggest mural in all the world made by a single artist. Montecatini Terme is a small village with beautiful liberty architectures which is facing with a profound crisis of hot spring industry that was the frontline sector. The city is changing itself through urban interventions and regenerations. 1010 features his three-dimensional holes generating the effect of a realistic portal as metaphorically giving to the city the passage to move to another identity.


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