Alex Face Mural at National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand

Alex Face

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, beside the mix of modernity and the 19th century tradition, reserves beautiful artworks scattered around the city. Walking around the street food stalls and avoiding the rush of tuk tuks, it’s possible to immerse ourselves in a bright colourful world of Thai-graffiti.

One of the best-known of local Bangkok street artists is Patcharapol Tangruen aka Alex Face. He studied architecture and after that, he developed an interest for abandoned buildings and hidden corners, that got him close to street art. His famous mark is a recognisable character: a child with a ragged rabbit suit. After being inspired by the birth of his daughter Alex named it ”Mardi”. The character is always depicted with half-closed eyes as to suggest a sense of fragile exposure to hazard. Subsequently, Alex introduces a third eye as to highlight the connection with the spirit, as a strong reference to another dimension.

Alex Face gives to Mardi a soft and cheerful look as a cartoon bunny rabbit. We see it squatting behind the walls, looking out the window or peering out at passersbys. But actually, beyond appearances, his murals want to show political and social awarness. That’s why, it becomes important the choice of the wall that it is related to the story of the community and the people. Consequently, he manages to tackle the issues of the slums and the difficult living conditions. Also, his art wants to be realistic but, at the same time, to offer a positive message. As we see in this artwork made at Bangkok’s National Stadium, Mardi appears to hover, held up by doves with a twig of olive tree, symbol of peace. Brilliant is the solution to use the existing electric cables incoporated into the painting to spread out this message of joy and harmony.


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