Alex Senna in Via Sanità, Naples

Alex Senna

Alex Senna is a street artist from Brazil, he explores the universe of feelings to feature ordinary situations mixing different languages as graphic design, comics and graffiti from the 90’s. In his work there is the intent of investigating the beauty of human relations and delineating fleeting moments of life by portraying both men and women, elders and children, people alone or in company. Furthermore, Alex uses a clear and poetic style and a minimalist sign made by a few strokes and strong contrasts. In addition, the vibrant and multicultural city where he is from, Sao Paulo, deeply influenced his art: in order to represent the unity of his country he uses only the black and white palette and he reduces the characters to silhouette-like figures. As a result, he is able to focus on the emotion conveyed through the depiction of young lovers, an elderly couple, a fuzzy family and bonds of friendship.

During his trip to Italy, in 2017, Alex Senna left his mark in the streets of Sanità neighborhood in Naples. Sanità is a working class area, unfortunately with one of the highest marginality and degradation rates in the city. But also, with the most extraordinary historical and artistic heritage. Today, finally, also thanks to the promotion of an art in harmony with the philosophy of beauty, love and cultural roots, the district is reborn. Interacting with the surroundings, Alex chooses to portray a mixed family to show the diversity and the inclusion that characterize the neighborhood. Consequently, his figures evoke fragility and tenderness, making us to feel empathy and complicity and also, bringing softness to urban setting. So, becoming a container of stories, a flow of experiences in continuous mixing, Sanità identifies Alex’s characters as familiar neighborhood members interacting with them as part of the community.


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