“Asiafricalism” by Okuda at Wynwood Walls, Miami


Immersed in a geometric architectures marked by a myriads of bright colours, Okuda creates a joyful universe that critics has defined Pop Surrealism. It’s clear that Okuda takes inspiration from Pop Art giving to his art a playful and captivating touch. The reference to Surrealism can be found into the combination of completely diverse patterns which generates a sense of uncertainty and take you to discover the deeper meanings in the painting. In this way, his murals talk about existentialism, the infinite, the meaning of life and the lies of capitalism. Going in this direction, Okuda created, for Miami’s 2006 Art Week, a mural in the central square of the Wynwood Walls, which wants to present itself as a “manifesto” of multiculturalism. Entitled “Asiafricalism”, the work is a portrait of a person that has different colours and motifs but belonging to the same skin. It is no by chance that Okuda chooses two continents that face with serious difficulties, as to remind us that a new vision of global society can be born from them. The mural, reflecting on the world in which we live, wants to be a synthesis of cultural diversities but also a proclamation of individual freedom.


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