“Bear” by Okuda in Shoreditch, London

Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel known as Okuda creates colourful patterns and geometric forms which create a very recognisable style. His work is categorized as Pop Surrealism because it reminds to dream’s universe and also it refers to the popular culture for the subjects and the use of the colours. His artworks communicate a visual pleasant content through the psychedelic colours but also involve a deeper meaning: the conflicts between modernity and humanity’s root. Very often in his work the bodies and the organic forms are painted in grey as to transmit this discomfort. In Shoreditch Okuda realises a huge multi-coloured bear. The angular forms and the brilliant hues communicate this sense of freedom and joyful. In its eyes we can distinguish a starred sky to insert a clever reflection about the existentialism, the universe, the infinite and the meaning of the life.

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