“Big Raccoon” by Bordalo II in Lisbon, Portugal

Portuguese artist Bordalo II, born in Lisbon, uses mixed media to create huge colourful animals in three dimensional effect. He works with end-of-life materials as well as car bumpers, door panel, tires and all recycled objects to build animal sculptures.

In Belem, at the south west of Lisbon, he realizes “Big Raccoon”, right outside the Cultural Centre. In this installation, Bordalo II works building the shape of the animal through recycled objects giving it a solid aspect. On top of this form he uses spray cans creating the colours to give the final result to the image. If you get closer to the mural you can see the tires used to create the eyes, the bumpers for the body and the pieces of garbage bins to model the paws and the whiskers. Behind his work there is not just an intent to recycle but also a critique to the waste production, not reusing materials and the pollution effects on the environment. His message is based on creating art to develop an ecological and social awareness.


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