“Black and White Power” by Sten Lex in Via dei Magazzini Generali, Rome.

Sten Lex

Street artists from Italy, Sten & Lex realise black and white works; Stan is the nickname for stencil and Lex means in latin law, it’s not by the chance that they ground their work on the stencil technique. The process is the key to understand their art that keeps evolving following the facets of reality. Starting with portraits of famous icons from movies and tv series, they move into anonymous faces using photographs taken in the streets. The duo introduces the halftone in the stencil which is called “Hole School” and it sees thousand of lines composing the painting. From the stencil they move forward to the poster, using enormous pieces of flimsy paper attached to the wall. This type of paper is transparent so it allows to become integral part of the wall. Also, it is exposed to the weathering that produces its decomposition. From this point, the duo starts to use the technique “Stencil Poster” cutting a stencil from the paper and gluing it on the wall as a poster. Eventually they destroy the matrix and attach the shreds to the wall as part of the final composition. These small scraps, applied at a later time, wear themselves out generating an image in a continual state of transformation that creates an original and unique piece of art.

In this post, we present the photo taken in Ostiense, Rome, that features a panter from which comes out a woman’s face that represents the power. The power is intended as creative force and mental control on it. This work is a part of a big mural that shows portraits of common people and, on the opposite wall, portraits of famous people as to demonstrate that these two worlds can communicate. It’s a symbolic work that wants to celebrate the communication route and all the members of the process, located in this area that has undergone an urban regeneration and cultural revaluation.



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