Berlin, Germany

Roa in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Anonymous Belgian street artist, Roa visualises the wildlife through the black and white palette with phenomenal real-life effect. Representing rodents, birds, fishes, rabbits and other animals that once they inhabited that area, Roa tells us about the history of the place through its local species. It is a negative opinion about our society, that hasContinue reading

Miami, USA

“Lilith” by Alexis Diaz in Wynwood, Miami

Representing a world of dreamlike and chimerical animals, street artist and muralist from Puerto Rico, Alexis Diaz is internationally known for his very personal style. Substituting the usual spray cans with tiny black brushstrokes on white background, he creates high-detailed pieces that almost get to 3D effect. Through this line-by-line technique, Alexis Diaz generates blendingContinue reading