Borondo in Ostiense, Rome


Interpreter of sorrowful reality, Spanish artist Borondo uses a very personal style marked by expressivity and rawness. Naked bodies are his favoured subjects for exploring feelings as anxiety, anguish and shame getting closer to the inwardness of human beings. Borondo analyses the individuals affected by this state of loss generated by unreachable desire and market rules, inviting us to consider the instinct as a value. In Ostiense, Rome, Borondo works at the external wall of LGBT cultural hub Mario Mieli. Reinterpreting the myth of Plato, he leaves bare and intriguing figures as trace of the lack of communication in our current time. On the façade he paints two antropomorphic figures while on the lateral side he creates some feminine characters and a man, reaching high levels of sensitivity. Through his art he makes impulses to come out from the wall, using few gestures almost like a sketch, highlighting the evanescence and the vulnerability of the human beings.

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