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“Spettacolo Rinnovamento Maturità” by Gaia in Tor Marancia, Rome

Tor Marancia is a district situated to the south of Rome’s historic centre known for a urban regeneration project that saw twenty street artists reunited to paint on the façades of eleven working-class buildings. ‘Big City Life’ project created by 999Contemporary cultural association and financed by Fondazione Roma, Campidoglio and VII Municipio has given riseContinue reading

Italy, Rome

Invader In Rome, Italy

Invader is a French urban artist who works with ceramic tiles taking inspiration from the 8-bit videogames of 1970s and 1980s, especially from the characters of Space Invader, from which he derives his name too. These videogames, due their low resolution, were composed by the pixels that Invader imitates through the tiles. Starting from thisContinue reading