“C’è posto per tutti, nessuno escluso” by Luogo Comune in Rome, Italy

Luogo Comune

Luogo Comune is an eclectic artist from Cremona, based in Bologna, Italy. His art across indoor and outdoor spaces, working with a great variety of mediums to question all the aspects of the society in which we live. His language is full of symbolism blending natural elements, images from the tradition and more contemporary emblems to investigate the human condition. Luogo Comune took his first steps into the street art world when he was a teenager, realising tags and graffiti. Following the path of Italian urban art precursors, as Ericailcane and Hitnes, he was extremely fascinated by the illustrations made by the naturalist Ullisse Aldrovandi. Since then, his art has invaded several cities in Italy and other countries such as Poland, Austria, England, Spain and Morocco. Taking inspiration from the graphic design, patterns and hand printing techniques, Luogo Comune uses a flat and bright palette to tell us a story. Behind his art there is the will of analising the role of the culture in this society. As he claims by referring to the book “The opium of the people” by Goffredo Fofi: “It is a warning to a carefully examine the infinity of messages and cultural products that surround us, being aware of everything that sounds celebratory, consoling, acquiescent, distracting”. In this way, Luogo Comune wants to battle sterile walls, empty of any significance, all the “narcotic artworks”.

An example is his last work in Rome “C’è posto per tutti, nessuno escluso”, realised for MY City as part of MYllenium Award. For celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Luogo Comune realises a mural interpreting human rights as social inclusion. He highlights that, after 70 years from the declaration, people still live deprived of their rights, and actually it happens in Rome nowdays. It’s not a case that the mural is created in San Lorenzo neighbourhood, reference place for students and symbol of creativity. This message is addressed to the world, but also to the comunity, to the place where the mural is created. Talking to young people about inalienable rights and using a powerful and modern media such as street art, Luogo Comune wants to tell us that there is always room for everyone and none can be marginalised or excluded.


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