“Chained” by Edoardo Tresoldi & Borondo at Bicocca University, Milan

At Bicocca University, in Milan Edoardo Tresoldi and Gonzalo Borondo work together creating an installation with mixed media. Borondo’s style marked by intense and deep paint which communicate inwardness and impulses produces a strong connection with the human soul. His art dominated by bare and nameless figures, generated by powerful brushstrokes, become the instrument to investigate the realm of experiences and feelings. If in Borondo’s work we perceive a movement to the inner life, in Tresoldi’s artwork there is a clear intention to explore the space and the life through the human body. His detailed installations that create optical illusions and three-dimensional effects, are a way to encourage the viewer to face even fisically with the space. In Milan, for the University square, Borondo paints five men embracing each other, forming a circle in a reflexive attitude. These faceless figures made by a minimal palette seem to hold the mesh men sculpted by Tresoldi that is trying to reach the edge of the building emerging from the wall. The installation invites us to go beyond one’s limit through a collective effort and participation.

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