“Cop a load” by Otto Schade in Edinburgh, UK

Otto Schade is a Chilean artist, whose signature often appears sinuously with an “OSCH”. Graduated in Architecture, his life was deeply marked by the transfer to London, and especially to Shoreditch. The neighborhood is a real showcase for street art artists and here Otto began modeling a personal style that tries to get out of the two-dimensional to invade other spaces as instinctively it would make an architectural building. The extension to the outside is mainly achieved through ribbons: large slices of cloth that as bandages softly wrap the figures and are not conditioned by the contour line. Images somewhat surreal and often populated by icons, demons or undefined dreams.
On Tuesday, 4th July 2017, the National Times of Malta published an article asking the question “Banksy in Malta?” while displaying a photograph of an Otto Schade stencil artwork in streets of Malta. That stencil belonged to his new project: “Cop a Load”, a probable series of stencils, one of which spotted in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival.


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