Daniel Marceli in Valparaiso, Chile

Daniel Marceli is a Chilean street artist who comes from Chiloé, a fisherman island known for its salmons and the characteristic landscapes. He started to paint in the 1998 communicating religious and social message of his place of birth. Taking inspiration from the local aesthetics, he mixes it with his imagination creating a magic atmosphere enriched by this varied cultural inheritance. His principal themes are the impact of the progress and the economic development defeating the nature. In his artworks the fishes are the main characters which assume human features to represent the importance of the fishing industry for the island. The holes in the feet of the fish are not only a connection to the religion but also a reference to the sacrifice of the islanders for their hard work. Very often the body of the subjects repeats the shape of the houses in Chiloé that they are covered by wooden tiles and blocks which give a recognizable form to the architecture. This characters are dancing or acting in a cheerful scenery communicating that money does not make happiness.

daniel marceli.jpg

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