“Defender lo que nos queda” by El Decertor in Cartagena, Colombia

Daniel Cortez Torres alias El Decertor is a street artist from Lima, Peru starting off with Hip Hop culture he developed a style connected to pre-Hispanic iconography. He takes inspiration from the social, urban and political context to deal with important issues looking for a reaction in the viewer. His work is made by the fusion between a geometrical and colourful background and high detailed portraits of regular people who become the main characters of his artworks. In Cartagena, Colombia El Decertor realises a mural in Getsemaní, one of the last neighbourhood where the Raizals (Afro-Carribbean ethnic group) live fighting the hotel companies’ pressure. El Decertor wants to save the memory of the place tackling the economic interest to promote the historic value.

decertor cartagena.jpg

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