“Ekeko” by Inti in Valparaiso, Chile

Today I want to talk about a Chilean street artist Inti Castro, born in Valparaiso, city famous for the murals and for the colourful buildings. Inti’s personal universe is formed by jokers from Latin America Carnival: the Kusillo from Bolivia, the Ekeko from the Altiplano and the Kollon from Mapuche world, including symbols of popular and folkloristic iconography. His message is not a critique of political and social situation but only an intent to show the joy and the brightness of the Carnival in Latin America. Inti focuses his work especially on Oruro Carnival, Bolivia, where the dancers create incredible dresses with poor materials. Inti wants to highlight that the poverty of the elements can generate a creative wealth. Inti is also interested to the joker, as the folkloric character who creates extemporary dance during the days of the Carnival. It’s in joker’s nature to have a casual style, not following any choreography and let himself go completely random. Only the joker has the right to question the authority and make it with irreverence. It’s this personification of the freedom to inspire Inti and also to give him the chance to show all over the world the Andean culture.20160328_155311.jpg

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