El Seed in Wynwood, Miami

El Seed

French – Tunisian “calligraffiti” artist, as he calls himself, El Seed blends the ancient tradition of Arabic calligraphy as an art form and the modern art of street graffiti. He uses the calligraphy as a medium, choosing the words not only for their meaning but also for movement and balance. The calligraphy as a form of universal beauty, it doesn’t need to be translated because it has the strenght of communicating feelings to the viewers. In this post we show El Seed’s work for 2017 Art Basel Collection at Wynwood Walls in Miami.

Moreover, El Seed uses Arabic calligraphy as a source of investigation of his roots. Born in Paris from Tunisian parents he tried to explore his heritage, discovering the connection between his double identity into Arabic calligraphy. His intricate compositions are made around the world with the aim of generating a message of peace, love and harmony. His art is the result of a research in the community where he works to produce the perfect quote to express its voice. An example is his work in Manshiyat Nasser, a neighborhood of Cairo, known as “garbage city” because each space is covered by the garbage. The inhabitants of the village collect the rubbish of Cairo’s residents and bring to their village to sort for recycling. El Seed created here an art project entitled “Perception” that occupies almost fifty buildings with the purpose of enhancing the community.



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