“El Tauró del Carmel” by Blu in Barcelona, Spain

Blu is one of the most important street artist in the world. We know nothing of him except what his artworks say. The struggle against capitalism, the protection of environment, the social fights and the attention toward “the least” are the bottom oh his work. His imagination translates these themes into surreal and grotesque figures as interpreters of fears and hardships of our society.

Ten years ago, in the street of Barcelona, Blu left his mark, in the popular district of El Carmel, with a giant shark made out of painted 100 € notes that is devouring an old writing of Psoe, Spanish socialist worker’s party. The shark wants to reprents a symbol of the economic decline highlighting the needs of the most disadvantaged social classes, especially in a neighbourhood made up of immigrants and workers. Blu’s messages are universally recognizable but coming from the suburbs, from the stories of the people who live in and they become expression of the discomfort and inequalities in the system.


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