“Ellas” by Panmela Castro in Cochabamba, Bolivia

In this blog quite often we talk about women street artists who choose the feminism as a primary subject of their works. In Bolivia the advocacy of women’s rights gets more in-depth especially when it comes from an artist as the Brazilian Panmela Castro. Panmela is a feminist activist who has created NAMI, an ONG that uses politic-artistic actions to arouse awareness about the equality of the sexes and the violence against women. Her murals talk about the woman body and the relationship with the urban. There is, in every piece, a part of her history and the history of the women that she meets in the street. In this way the women can tell about their experiences through this dramatic dialogue with the public. The characters of her paintings show us tears in fact they want to communicate a pain expression. But actually, they are trying to repress their feelings to legitimate the social demand of beauty and perfection.


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