“En Diablada” by Auka in La Paz, Bolivia

In Bolivia the street art scene shows artworks defined indigenous muralism realized by Argentinian artist Auka. Her murals represent characters with strong indigenous features to communicate the fight for human rights and the resistance of native population traditions.

In La Paz she creates a huge cholita, woman wears a traditional dress and a typical bowler hat, holding a mask with a clear connection to Oruro Carnival. This is a religious and spiritual festivity where the main event is the Diablada, or better known as “dance of the devils” which represent the victory of Good over Evil. During the celebration people wear masks which have big horns, popping eyes and ferocious jagged teeth symbolizing the devil. Auka believes that street art is a media for a social and cultural change of our society, so by this artwork she is keeping and sharing the traditional iconography of South America Altiplano.


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