Erica Il Cane in Mitte, Berlin

Erica Il Cane

International known street artist from Italy, Erica Il Cane creates fairytale and zoomorphic world always featured with a scientific precision. His characters are creepy and magical animals often sketched by black and white tones, sometimes enriched with a touch of colours. Studying at Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he met Blu with whom he collaborates producing a parallel aesthetic universe. Reminding to the illustrations by Grandville, one the most imaginative graphic artist of the nineteenth century, Erica Il Cane presents its own fable depicting humanised animals immersed in a grotesque atmosphere rendered with an impressive objectivity. It’s a bestiary where these surreal figures are the interpreters of the contemporary social, political and ecological issues. His animals are the metaphor for him to talk about humanity, especially its faults and basenesses.

In this post, we show his work made in Mitte at Haus Schwarzenberg Hof, a narrow passage that leads to a courtyard known for murals, tags, and paste-ups. Here, Erica Il Cane’s mural is one of the icons of the place, it was made in collaboration with Colombian street artist Bastardilla whose part was actually covered. Erica Il Cane realised a disquieting monkey that is holding a smartphone and a camera, with a crazy look it watches the passers-by. Its fine and acute line allows him to feature an antropomorphic creature that becomes a symbol of human weaknesses, as to get us into a fables of disenchanted and rough moral.


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