Female Portrait by Guache in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Colombian artist Oscar González known as Guache is a visual artist who works with a particular blend between traditional muralism and the graffiti expression. Starting from his roots and the passion for the popular art he creates magical characters with strong Latin features playing with the bright colours and particular shapes. Collaborating with indigenous tribes he started to absorb their traditions and symbols to his art. The results are figures remind to the holy totems of aboriginal culture that often are combined with elements as snake, hummingbird or corn connected with the Amazonian symbolism. For the BAU 2015 ( Bienal de Arte Urbano) in Cochabamba, Guache realises a female portrait that can be interpreted as an homage to the cosmogony of the indigenous culture. For Guache his art is a personal and aesthetic research of the ancestral memories of Latin America and a way to release the wisdom and treasure of the indigenous community.

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