“Fer Lenya” by Borondo in Barcelona, Spain

Spanish artist Gonzalo Borondo is internationally known for his very personal technique made by scratching the surface for revealing the forms. His art is a deep research on the fragility of the psyche that displays ungraceful and fragmentary figures combined with the context. The connection with setting is essential for the final configuration of the mural. This urban decadency allows an identification of the images with the background blending into each other. His highly-expressive murals create a dialogue with the viewer leaving an intense emotional perception often connected to the gloominess. In Barcelona, Borondo joins the Open Walls Conference where he creates an astonish piece visualising a kind human tower traditionally built during the celebrations of the festivals in Catalonia. The sense of movement is obtained by the bodies just sketched and the colours that give form to the figures. It’s an disjointed image that makes possible to perceive his whole appearance from every single point of view.

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