“Firenzeland” by inSerra in Florence, Italy


Anonymous street artist from Salerno, in South Italy, inSerra works with stencils choosing especially suburbs walls. His artworks are not just beautiful aesthetic pieces but they stimulate the viewers to reflect on our society. Subjects as the impact of social media, the effects of pollution, the individual’s psychological pain are investigated with irony, style and sagacity.

In Florence, inSerra leaves his mark with an acute critique on the governance of mass tourism that has increased in the last ten years. The city has seen vandals destroying historic monuments, the growth of fast food outlets and drinking tourists urinating in the streets, feeding the debate between high quality tourism and mass tourism. InSerra uses the dome, symbol of the city to identify Florence, transforming it as the new logo for visualising this process of “Disneyfication”. Copying the Disney lettering and using the Florentine lily, emblem of the city, inSerra stimulates us to analyse the “hit and run” tourism and on its consequences. This artwork reminds us that the heritage is not just a consumer’s product but the trace of our history and culture.

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