Art as a ring

I would like to start this blog giving an explanation about the name. The word ring is connected to the space where the boxers square off but  also to Jackson Pollock’s philosophy. He started to consider the canvas as a ring, a battlefield as well as a metaphor of the existence. The canvas for Pollock is not only a support for drawing, copying or creating, it is an arena in which to act transforming the painting as the result of a process, mental as physical as well. Pollock immerse himself in the painting, leaving behind easel, palette and brushes to create a primordial relationship with the Art. It starts to flow into the painting objects from the life, as well as sand, pieces of glass and cigarettes developing a dialog between the substances. In this gestural action Pollock doesn’t modify or destroy any image because Art has its own life, so it changes and transforms itself. Pollock erases every distinction between art and life not using the Renaissance concept of the artwork as a window on the world, but considering  the canvas as a real space. With this idea about art he lays the canvas directly on the floor, turning around and working on all the sides, being inside the art. In this vision Pollock invents the dripping technique which is connected to the necessity of cohesion to the life as well as the idea of artwork as a result of a process. The painting is made by the traces from this process based on lattices, tangles and squirts which creates an uniform space even if it is different in any single centimetre.

We can consider art as a ring: the square space for encounters and “clashes”, where everybody can fistfight with a too traditional concept of art opposing to the conventions. Everybody can express his opinion because any other sector is so open to different interpretations as well as art.

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