“Freedom?” by Louis Masai and Fanakapan in Brick Lane, London

In May 2016, for the street art festival “Meeting of styles”, which takes place every year in Pedley St, off to Brick Lane, Louis Masai and Fanakapan collaborate to realize this large-scale piece entitled “Freedom?”. Louis Masai is a British artist, known for his murals of endangered animals which he mostly represents using fabric patterns as skin. He is an artist and an activist because he uses his art for generating change and for developing ecological awareness. He believes that through the power of the visual language is possible to call the attention to the extinction issues. Fanakapan has a highly recognizable style made it of helium balloon designs and characters based on liquorice allsorts evolved into 3D images by the shadows. These hyper-realistic compositions are directed to convey personal, political and humorous ideas. The mural “Freedom?” shows orcas, dolphins and sharks in a very small aquarium. Masai inserts into the painting his patchwork sea creatures and Fanakapan includes silver foil balloon dolphins creating a harmonic balance between the blast of colours and the metallic overtone. The composition plays with the crowded space of the bottom of the painting where the sea animals are blocked in the cage and the top where the shark has the freedom to jump in the open space of the sea.


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