“Fuck Wars” by Prizmu in Prague, Czech Republic


The rich history of Prague, founded in the 9th century, has a past as an important multhiethnical city: it was the third-largest city in Europe in the 14th century and then it saw, in the 20th century, the occupation by the Nazis first and then the control by the Russian, to return to the Czechoslovakian Republic and later to the European Union. Today Prague is one of the top destinations in Europe with its Gothic grace, Renaissance architectures, Baroque churches and several bridges. In the historical centre, the alleys and walkways reserve some surprises showing up street art pieces that refer also to the city’s past. On a wall, close to Charles bridge, there is this past-up that features a kiss with a harsh and biting meaning and on top of the characters the writing Fuck Wars. This is a work by Prizmu, crew from Zagreb, Croatia, composed by engravers, writers, designers and film-makers who wants to investigate current themes through innovation. They chose to use the immediacy of the social media to share their work made by art, film and design projects, and also in the streets with graffiti and stencils. Using universal and recognisable emblems of pop culture, such as Disney characters, Star Wars series and icons from art world, they reinterpret them with a symbolism aimed at pungent criticism to the modern society.



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