“Future” by Mr Cenz in collaboration with Lovepusher in Shoreditch, London

Mr Cenz & Lovepusher

Featuring intricate overlays of letterforms, shapes, lines and figures, London based street artist Mr Cenz creates a very personal and recognisable style. Starting as kid to learn from the old graffiti school he developed his work influenced by hip-hop culture and funk, eventually inserting the photorealism technique. In streets of London, we admire his paintings mostly focused on a female face which is combined with abstract styling made by splash of colours, sinuous lines and complicated shapes that generate a unique and aesthetically pleasing effect. At the bottom of his work there is a photograph or a sketch which is distorted in a spontaneous way by Mr Cenz with the freestyle. In this way, he allows the viewer to go beyond the figurative part of his work and get lost into the abstract background.

In summer 2018, Mr Cenz joined into Connectivity Mural, a huge mural curated by Global Street Art for Colt Technology which had connectivity as theme and it was made in Shoreditch. Collaborating with Lovepusher, Mr Cenz painted a woman holding a crystal ball that contains the word “future”. A clear message that represents the importance of the connectivity for the future and it seems to say: “if we are able to manage it, we will have the future in the palm of our hands”.



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