“Gennaro” by Jorit Agoch in Naples, Italy

Italian street artist known with the pseudonym of Agoch realises portraits of people reproduced with a very realistic style. The human face is the heart of his work, in its multiple expressions, leaving apart the cultural identity, as part of the same community. The background is Naples, the city where he started to paint, with its perfect mix between art and folklore, between beauty and torment. In the centre of Naples, Forcella, is situated his mural “Gennaro”, in which the saint is represented as one of the people, as a man. The mural occupies 15 metres showing the face of the saint oriented to the top. For this subject Jorit takes inspiration from a friend, a simple worker. On the face it’s possible to see the glare of the gold and red from the dress. Inspired by Caravaggio, he chooses people from the street which become the main characters of his murals. Art is experimentation, not only about techniques and materials, but also conceptual: the face with its imperfections and peculiarities becomes the aim of the research. Starting from the trips to Africa, Jorit develops two red lines marking the cheeks. It’s a symbol connected to the fleshing, which is an initiation ritual, in African culture, passing from the childhood to the adulthood and becoming part of the tribe. For Jorit, this is an emblem in every face he paints, as everyone belongs to the same tribe, the human one. The result of this idea is the project “Human Tribe” developed from the meeting with the African culture and working-class areas. Jorit believes that the presence of the street art cannot give a solution to the problems but it can be a means to improve  the neighbourhoods.


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