Gleo in Poblenou, Barcelona, Spain


Nathalia Gallego known as Gleo is a young muralist from Cali, Colombia. Her art is made by magical and mystical beings, gaining inspiration from ancestral culture. Starting to work at the age of 15, she was featuring a marine world composed of caricatural forms and imaginary fishes. Approaching the history of Latin American art, she was fascinated by the symbolism of pre-Colombian cultures. She found out a common cosmogony from North to South of Latin America recognising some icons as universal, such as masks, shamans, crowns and tattoos. From the importance of the symbols, Gleo started to be interested in myths and legends. In this way, she decided to tell about the history of ancestral gods, their idea of death and birth, the cycle of life, finding into the feminine figure her highest expression. From here on, Gleo’s language is formed by surreal images and tribal characters, often depicted with yellow-eyed masks, enriched with animal forms that remind to the folklore of her country. It’s a composition, adorned with bright colours and eyecatch details, that seems to have a mainly aesthetic purpose, but it actually wants to display a spirituality, a primitive energy that is part of us. Indeed, more that just visual references to the original culture, Gleo wants to alludes to natural elements as fire, water, earth, visualising a universe where oneiric and real come together, where ancestral culture and modern world meet.


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