“Gli Angeli” by Zilda in Vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto, Naples

Walking in the Old Town of Naples is easy to see the works of French street artist Zilda. Affectionately called “The Banksy of Rennes”, his stencils are integrated unobtrusively within the Neapolitan alleys. His accomplishments are often an evocation of classic subjects: the myths, stories, allegories and iconography borrowed from mythology, Greek tragedy and from the Bible. Numerous references to the Pre-Raphaelite paintings, nineteenth and Francesco Hayez. Sometimes his narrative results in a real leap of faith, with works that express the need to reconcile man with God, a relationship that you can re-establish by virtue of a newfound spirituality. In particular his angels are caught in the sacred meditation, inspiring the viewer and fascinating him; the road becomes an unusual stage able to merge painting, art, hystory and scenography. Maybe fot this reason the walls of Naples are an ideal support for the artist, imbued with an irresistible charm. Unfortunately the art of the stencil is precarious, ephemeral. Today capture a stencil made in 2013 is a fortune but other French artist’s works can be found in Rome, Lisbon and Belgrade.


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