“Happy Meal” by Nemo’s in Brick Lane, London

Irreverent street artist from Italy, Nemo’s realizes large scale murals covered by alienate human beings pictured always naked to reflect the humiliation that people live every day in our society. Themes as the critique of our modern values, the addiction to the mass media and the power of capitalism are faced with  a provocative and disrespectful style. He uses a personal technique made with acrylic paint and collage using recycled papers. This mix let the artwork depend by the weather conditions and the people who interact with it. Also these materials give him the chance to change the painting, often revealing the skeleton underneath, switching the same meaning of the artwork.

In this painting Nemo’s uses his sad creepy and wrinkled iconic figure represented inside a sandwich. In this way he reminds us that we are devoured by the society or maybe by the other human beings and he encourages us to look at our world with a more acute gaze.


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