Hueman in Wynwood Walls Garden, Miami


Bright colours and ethereal portraits are the mark of female street artist Allison Tinati known as Hueman. She grew up drawing and painting in Northern California, to move to LA for studying Design and Media Arts. Starting as graphic designer, she decided to focus her carrer on art, as she admits: “I began painting murals after a dark period in my life when I felt like there was nothing left to lose, and when I painted big for the first time, it was like a light switch turned on. Once I got out of my studio and onto the street, I was using my entire body to paint, I was talking to people, I was collaborating, I was in the sun. I felt alive again. I literally felt human. That’s where the name Hueman comes from“.

Hueman perfectly moves between the contrasts combining abstract and figurative, grotesque and beautiful, chaos and calm. Her creative process is based on a very personal freestyle technique which includes a basic composition sketch that works as skeleton. From here, she spontaneously uses splashes, drips and sprays to create lines and shapes reaching the final configuration of the painting. At the bottom of her process there is the harmony, adding different elements or removing some texture, working on the softness or on the sharp edge is always led by a perfect symphony. But, it is throught to the colour that Hueman gives her interpretation to the emotional states. Approaching the image with colour palette in her mind, she goes with the flow, being influenced by the surroundings, to generate emotions and visions.

In Wynwood Walls Garden, Hueman features an intimate conversation between a woman and a man represented as fluid and evanescent figures immersed in a feathery atmosphere. The artist painted a triangle on the floor to suggests us the place to stand, in order to properly see the mural, but also for not violate a private and delicate space.


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