“Hunting Pollution” by Iena Cruz in Ostiense, Rome.

Murals often concern very current topics and in this case it attempts to do something, fighting against air pollution. It is “Hunting Pollution” made in Ostiense, an old industrial area and now turned into a bustling multiethnical neighbourhood, by Italian street artist Federico Massa, known as Iena Cruz. The artwork, that measures one thousand square metres, has been made by a special paint called Airlite which absorbs the pollution, reducing nitrogen levels from the cars and also having an effect on cigarette smoke, bad smell and bacterias. Iena Cruz worked with no-profit association Yourban2030 by Veronica De Angelis that involves sustainabilty and art, to realise a huge artwork which occupies the entire façade of a residential building and that is considered the biggest ecological mural in Europe. The artwork shows a heron, tall five floors, that is hunting the prey in a very polluted sea, playing with the title words. The heron is standing on top of a petrol drum which propagates octopus tentacles that symbolise the pollution produced by our consumerist society that invades the earth. Twelve square metres of the mural get rid of the pollution from a car in one day. It is a relevant example of ecological street art that improves citizen life, not only with an esthetic result, but also with an important impact on environmental sustainabilty.

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