“Il peso della storia” by Jaz in Tor Marancia, Rome

Tor Marancia, one of Rome suburbs, has hosted a project connected to Urban Legends that generated a restyling of the city through the street art. This project has created 22 murals that adorn the façades of the council houses calling important name of the urban scenery. Franco Fasoli known as Jaz is a street artist from Buenos Aires who works with large-scale of figurative murals blending medias and techniques. He explores themes as the conflict and the duality referring to the popular culture and the tradition of Latin America. Instead of using images of explicit violence he prefers to insert the symmetry that is also an element for creating tension and confrontation. For Tor Marancia, Jaz realises a duel between two hybrid creatures painted with primitive and warm colours. The confrontation is a metaphor for analysing the relationship between the strong roots of his home country and the reality of the colonialism.

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