“Il Ponentino” by Pantonio in Tor Marancia, Rome


Antonio Correia known as Pantonio is a Portuguese street artist from Azores who is internationally recognised for his style based on dynamic and smooth lines. His universe is completely immersed in the nature and the animals are his subject of investigation. Pantonio uses black and blue tones for the animals and white for the background, often reminding to the seabed: the colours are the media to create the shape. But, the core of his work is the movement: every single animal is characterised by a perpetual motion and they are mixed together generating intricate forms. This technique makes him to paint complicated and sinuous tangles of herds or flocks that flood the space creating the effect of continuing the flow out of the wall.

In Tor Marancia, Pantonio realised a mural entitled “Il Ponentino” (The West Wind) referring to the typical ocean breeze that blows in this region during the summer time. The artist features fishes and whales of different sizes floating and interweaving on the surface, as they are feathered by this wind. Even in this case, the painting seems to go beyond the wall’s limits amazing the viewer. The choice of a few colours, the harmony of the forms and the permanent movement generate an urban and powerful dance that becomes a metaphor of the fluidity of existence.



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