“Io Sarò” by Guido van Helten in Tor Marancia, Rome

For The Big City Life project, Australian street artist Guido Van Helten creates a large scale of monochrome portrait. Guido Van Helten is a master of the photorealism style realising around the world elegant and deeply sentimental pieces. For the working-class area of Tor Marancia in Rome, Guido reworks a photograph by Francesco Paolo Michetti. The strength of the un-idealized faces of his subjects generates a special link with the spectators, as we can see for this artwork in the kid’s gaze. In the last works, Van Helten resorts to the use of old photographs because they are connected to a feeling of nostalgia and melancholy due to the story they have behind. Those are exactly the emotions that Guido wants to communicate to the viewer blending with the high quality of the image. Using an intricate style of shading and details he creates vintage portraits that keep the signs of the people and the places that are the inspiration for the final image.

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