“Israel/Palestine” by Shepard Fairey in Schoneberg, Berlin

Shepard Fairey is a street artist, illustrator and graphic designer, internationally known for his works made mostly in black, white and red that represent a critique to social injustices, climate crises, colonization, consumerism and capitalism. His art can be consider as a blend of graffiti, propaganda and pop art because he uses the street art as a media, like advertising and propaganda, to show facts and demystify them. An example was the poster, realised by Shepard in 1989, visualising the professional wrestler André the Giant often combined with the word “obey” that was used as a gimmick. As the years passed, his illustrations became world wide trademarks and in 2008 he created a personal portrait of Barack Obama with the slogan “hope” that brought him great fame.

In 2015 Shepard took part in Urban Nation Project, finalised to enrich urban spaces through the street art, in collaboration with the Stolenspace Gallery of London. The theme chosen was “Freedom” and Shepard realised a mural on the right side of D*Face artwork that shows an angered soldier screaming. Fairey visualises a woman emerging from a curtained barrier creating together with D*Face mural a perfect duality balance in the composition and the content. D*Face pieces used to reflect on the pop culture while Shepard has a more socially engaged art, but in this case it’s the complementarity of the images that generates a reflection on the peace, oppression and freedom.

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