“Jesus breakdancing” by Cosmo Sarson in Bristol, UK

Cosmo Sarson is a London based artist who works with a specific blend of Old Masters and Hip Hop culture. Inspired by Caravaggio, Bacon and Monet, Cosmo creates a great fusion with the world of skateboarding, breakdancing and graffiti through the trompe l’oeil effect. After the solo exhibition in 1997 he retired from the arts scene for over a decade. During this time he worked as a scenic artist on film industry where he learned how to paint on enormous scales and how to imitate the different styles of celebre artists. Those elements he reported in his work when he came back creating in 2013 a giant image of Jesus breakdancing in Bristol. This was a perfect spot directly opposite of “Mild Mild West” of Banksy. Taking inspiration from a photo on the newspaper of a guy was breakdancing in front of the Pope John Paul II, Cosmo creates a 28ft mural of Jesus decorated with over 1 kilo of gold glitter. This artwork was recognised as a visual testament of the history of religious tolerance and vast cultural diversity of the city.

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