Juandrés Vera in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

Juandrés Vera is a street artist from Monterrey, Mexico who uses a realistic style to deal with different topics such as life, religion and politics. His language is made by rhetorical figures, metaphors and allegories to express concepts and thoughts using the hyperrealism technique. Since he took the first steps on the art scene, Juandrés kept a figurative approach. As a result, he also worked as a “madonnaro”, nomade artists who create holy images in the streets working mostly with chalks. But, he is famous around the world for his mural art, both bidimensional paintings and anamorphic pieces. Moreover, he introduces in his work dismembered body parts as media to attract people’s attention combing them with objects to make his painting iconic. He describes the process of creation in this way:

I had to apply my knowledge in the basics of how the optics works in the perspective from a single point of view which is the start point of every 3-D illusion. I’m always looking for a framing based on the average lens of the audience so everybody can get the most of the composition and the best shot possible when they are interacting with the street painting piece.

This is the key of his work: the interaction with the audience aimed at leaving a smile or communicating a joy.

For Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games in 2018, Juandrés Vera was invited to create anamorphic artworks in Parque Mujeres Argentinas which is the green lung of Puerto Madero, the city’s newest district. The sport competition, in addition to show the world’s top young athletes in action, has also offered a great variety of shows, cultural and artistic events. Juandrés Vera made incredible and realistic pieces, three in total. The first, “The Bridger”, has a pencil that simulates a bridge between two ends of notebook sheets with a hollow in the middle. The second “The Look” simulates a hole in the ground, through which an eye “peeks” who passes. The third has rock ledges in a kind of hole filled by water. Furthermore, Juandrés marked a place with two feet, in each work, where the photo should be taken to come out with the 3D effect. The paintings are able to draw the passers-by’s attention creating a fun, playful and happy atmosphere.



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