“L’Arte Sa Nuotare” by Blub in Florence, Italy

In Italy the street art realises a special fusion with the Old Master Paintings creating an innovative and modern version of them. This is the case of Blub, unknown street artist who mostly works in Florence, who creates famous figures as Michelangelo’s David, Botticelli’s Madonna, Da Vinci’s Monna Lisa, members of Medici family and also personalities from history, literature and show business. He works on the painting in his studio and then he attaches it to the walls with a special preference for the gas meter. His project is called “L’Arte Sa Nuotare” –Art knows how to swim– because it’s the result of the current social and cultural crisis. Taking inspiration from the expression: “the water up to the neck” Blub makes his characters to wear swimming goggles and snorkel and to learn how to swim. In this way, Blub wants to encourage us to go beyond this critical period and see the opportunities we can get. It’s also an invitation to look for the Arts in the streets where it’s possible to find masterpieces as in the museums.

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