“Lisa” by Hopf Studio in Lisbon, Portugal

From 20th to 24th July 2016 Lisbon hosted the first Portuguese edition of Paratissima, Contemporary Art Festival involving the streets of the city centre. During this event Hopf Studio realised a big mural on the wall at Calçadinha da Figueira, in the oldest district of Lisbon, Alfama. Hopf Studio was founded by illustrator and digital artist from São Paulo, Tami Hopf and now based in Switzerland. She creates a universe made by enigmatic characters immerse in a curious and surreal beauty achieving a personal interpretation of life and love. Her art often deals with the complicated relationship between human beings and nature. In this mural the nature seems to interpenetrate the human reaching a dimension of grace and purity. Moving on this line between figuration and abstraction, joy and sadness, happiness and loneliness Tami leads us to her imaginary and fantastic world.

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