“Lo Squalo” by Marco Teatro in Navigli District, Milan

Marco Teatro

Milan is the most international city in Italy, such as the biggest metropolis in Europe, it gives some space to the street art. Along Naviglio Pavese it’s possible to admire the work of eight famous national and international street artists. This is the result of a redevelopment project made by Evoluzioni Urbane association and the Municipality of Milan to create a space for beauty and art fighting against degradation of certain urban areas. The Navigli district is a system of canals and waterways built from XII and XVI century, which were abandoned in the second half of XIX century and nowdays known as one of the most charming place for Milan nightlife. The requalification project concerned the two bridges of Naviglio Pavese, reinterpreted by the artists through a futurism reference, pop culture and optical illusion. The bridge, that crosses via Ascanio Sforza and via Giuseppe Lagrange, shows a shark coming out from the canal water which is about to devour the people who are passing on the stairs. The mural is made by Marco Teatro, eclectic artist who works with a figurative style. For this artwork, he plays with a visual effect creating an outstanding and ironic result, generation a strong interaction with the passers-by.



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