“Lost Giant” by Stormie Mills in Florence, Italy

Stormie Mills is a visual artist born in Wales and grew up in Perth, Australia. He started in the 80s to represent his iconic characters strongly connected to the cityscape. He begins to paint in the forgotten corners and abandoned buildings to get to the canvas for the galleries. The sense of isolation of his figures is shown by a monochromatic grey palette: black for the dirt, white for removing the dirt, grey for the cityscape and silver to represent the dreams. Despite of this feeling of loneliness, Stormie Mills’ characters express a message of hope that generates a deep communication with the viewers. The audience can perceive his work as an acute analysis of the human condition.

In Florence, during the project Florence Street Art – Art Can Change the World made by the Firenze Town Hall, Florence Biennale and Street Levels Gallery, Stormie Mills leaves one of his characters on the wall of the Rowers Company. This giant looks like lost: he is on the small boat and he doesn’t have the ship’s wheel to control the direction, he seems out to sea. This artwork is a metaphor of his personal life, when he was sixteen and travelling by himself around huge metropolis as New York and London, he felt lost in the immensity of the urban scapes. Through this experience, Stormie Mills reflects on this feelings and starts to create his giants on the walls of the cities in the world as an element belonging to the territory and the community.

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