“Love Seeker” and “Heart Slingshot” by Millo at Giardino delle Culture, in Milan


In via Morosini, in Milan, there is an amazing small garden, not really green, but a place for labs, concerts, shows and also children’s games as a result of a redevelopment plan. After years of degradation, the area came back to the community adorned with two huge complementary murals made by Camillo Giorgino, aka Millo. On the background’s walls we see his typical urban agglomeration seen from above, where two giant and emblematic figures with anonymous features occupy the space. We feel immersed in a caotic city, similar to a black and white comic strip, where these presences claim the existance of humanity in the contemporary urban condition. Only two hearts are the touch of colour of murals. Millo’s characters wander through the city, looking for something, as a strong intent to escape alienation. In “Love Seeker” the giant figure is a dowser, in search of one of the most precious thing, love. Opposite and strongly connected, it’s the other mural, “Heart Slingshot”. If in the first image the love was wanted, and the human was ready to face obstacles and difficulties to get it, in the second wall the female figure is throwing the heart with all her energy, reminding us to love unconditionally.




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