“Metamorphosis” by Tavar Zawacki in Malmo, Sweden

Tavar Zawacki is an American artist known as Above. His recurrent representation is in fact an arrow. The arrows give life to a colorful and abstract composition that from the bottom push the observer to raise the eyes to the sky. A visual journey, an invitation to go to the top, above. Through the information on his training we know that Tavar Zawacki began painting graffiti by tagging ‘ABOVE’ on freight trains in California in 1995 and at the age of 19 he moved to Paris where he started painting his trademark pointing arrow icon ‘ABOVE’. He is a public art lover for its communicative power and for that reason he works fervently worldwide. Tavar Zawacki is also the author of stencils and large text-based painted murals, but his highest results are achieved in walls like this:  he made a Metamorphosis Design, commissioned by the city of Malmo and Artscape festival.


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