“Migration” by Dulk in Wynwood, Miami


An imaginery world populated by fairy-tales characters is the core of Antonio Segura Donat’s work, aka Dulk, Spanish artist from Valencia. His passion for nature, started when he was a child, led him to travel around the world, investigating flora and fauna in their habitat. Surrealistic landscapes, full of bizarre details, are the background of his fantastic universe where odd and expressive animals are interpreting a story. Using a bright and vibrant palette, Dulk invites us to dive into this dreamlike space. If we can admire the beauty and the joy of his narrative at the first sight, with a deeper observation we can read his ecological message connected to the environmental disaster. In Wynwood, Dulk made this mural, painting two pink flamingos that are ridden in a winter wonderland, reminding to Santa Claus’ reindeers. The presence of these animals in a mountain landscape generates a sense of formal dissonance. The specific details such as plasters, broken eggs and flying feathers worn us about an imminent danger.


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