Mr Di Maggio in Milan, Italy

Mr Di Maggio

Italian street artist, based in Milan, Mr Di Maggio realises murals featuring men, sometimes calm, other times weary based on spontaneity to represent emotions and his daily life. His art can be amusing and enjoyable and, rather than a public statement, it has a more personal point of view. Mr Di Maggio was influenced by surroundings, living in metropolitan cities such as Milan and New York, he was aware of the power of advertising. The streets are totally invaded by big billboards that drive people to purchase products, in this context his art wants to encourage passers-by to reflect and think in a different way. Using his imagination, Mr Di Maggio takes inspiration by his humour to give life to distorted and vibrant characters with a great visual impact. Very often, we found in his work bicycles and cyclists to depict movement, freedom and fatigue and also as a metaphor of life: arrival and departure. Moreover, Mr Di Maggio chooses cobalt blue, yellow ocher, red and fluorescent colours marked by an irregular and exuberant black contour. His investigation takes him to use different types of walls and materials, such as oil pastels, vinyls, acrylics, spray and sometimes paper to symbolise the fragility of man. His interest is related to daily feelings more than precision and style, so his art becomes a mirror of his states of mind, a threshold to get to his own unconscious.


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