Mural by Martin Ron in collaboration with Rikis and Painters in Valparaiso, Chile

Argentinian street artist Martin Ron is known around the world for his style called Urban Surrealism. He is specialised in the creation of large scale murals which are defined surrealistic because they are situations of fantasy but painted with a hyper realistic style that makes you feel the situation is really happening.  Starting from the photos, Martin creates a grid for dividing the image into different blocks. In this way, he reproduces it to scale on the wall giving accuracy to the details. Behind his work there is not the idea of talking about social or political issues but smaller episodes that can speak about the context, the place, the everyday life. The use of 3D technique makes the artwork jumping out of the wall to interact with the people and the environment around. In Valparaiso, Martin leaves his special mark on the wall creating a fusion between his hyper-realism and the creative and imaginative style of Rikis and Painters.

martn ron.jpg


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