Mural by Miles in Florence, Italy


Italian street artist Simone Miletta known as Miles creates a world made by scanty figures that allow him to face with current events. Using a dark palette he captures an universe of characters that take the shape of animals and vice versa, recreating a connection with our primordial nature. Miles investigates the animal as a being with insticts and he reproduces it as onlooker of an inevitable fate. Core of his work is the shadow that not just gives a three dimension effect to the scenary, but also it generates a creepy and distressing atmosphere. On the external wall of Le Murate, old prison and a former Benedictine convent in Florence, Miles leaves his mark. He paints two prisoners that are related to the two thieves Dismas and Gestas, crucified on crosses to the right and left of Jesus. They can be considered captives of the modern society which tries to dominate all the aspects of human life, reminding us our fears and anxieties.

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